Our family has been so impressed with the results we are seeing with our daughter's teeth. One daughter started with a very crowded mouth of teeth that didn't fit. She has seen amazing progress it seems in such a short time frame.

The staff are all very friendly and professional and always explain everything. We never feel rushed during our appointments and are never left waiting for our appointments.

I highly recommend Sorensen Orthodontics!




This office is so friendly, they take care of you as though you were family.they've been taking care of me with my braces for the last four years in really helping me along the way due to the fact that my gums where not moving the way wanted them to. They still tried to do the best that they could without have to do surgery so I'm really happy about that I just can't say enough about how awesome Dr.Sorenson office really is. Latonia

My daughters confidence level has absolutely grown because of her gorgeous new smile!


Thank you for your help!!

I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Sorensen and the rest of the wonderful staff. I'm sad I wasn't able to finish my treatment with you guys. I just got my braces off today! Without Dr. Sorensen and his staff my teeth would not be as great as they are today. The orthodontist at my current office in Maryland even commented on what a great job Dr. Sorensen did. Again, I would just like to say thanks! My teeth look beautiful :)

Thanks Megan

Nguyen family's note:

Getting braces from Sorensen Orthodontics has been an easy, comfortable, and efficient process. Our teeth have changed and we're now not embarrassed of our smile! It was very simple to get our braces here and to schedule appointments. Their staff is a really amazing group being friendly, welcoming, professional and organized. We would recommend Sorensen Orthodontics to anyone who wants a more beautiful smile.

Dr. Sorensen did a great job straightening my teeth. This is the second go-round for me, I will wear my retainers this time!

Dr. Sorensen was professional as was his staff while still being interested in me personally. I got every question I had answered, and always felt that they really cared how my teeth turned out.

I would highly recommend them for your orthodontic needs.


Both my daughters had orthodontics by Dr. Sorensen and we couldn't be happier with the results. My older daughter had to have to jaw surgery to get proper teeth alignment and Dr. Sorensen partnered with the surgeon so everything "fit together" smoothly. For my younger daughter, it took years for her teeth and jaw to mature enough for orthodontics to be effective, but Dr. Sorensen patiently monitored her progress at no charge until she was ready. Dr. Sorensen even coordinated with our dentist so that all dental check-ups and fillings were accomplished with minimal scheduling hassle. 

Thank you Dr. Sorensen and staff! 


I had traditional braces

I decided to get braces at the age of 32, I did not HAVE to have them it was more of a “would be nice”, was going to make my smile nicer, but was never highly recommended as a child.

I had a large tooth that was always called “unique , “special” and” kind of cool”. But what it did was crowd my mouth and make my front teeth a little crooked!

So at 32 my husband urged me to get braces, he said just do it, you will be so happy! You will be done before you know it!

I think I was at a place in my life that I was more confident in myself, and wasn’t so worried about wearing braces and how they would make me look. I am not going to say I loved the idea but thought what the heck, so I got them on with plan to wear for about 18 months.

So I am done and extremely pleased with the result, I wish I would have done it 15 years ago!! But I am just happy that I did it and I can enjoy healthy teeth and a smile I want to show off!!